Ana Maria Ortega

Meet our Milliner & Designer


Ana Maria Ortega, left her native home in Mexico to live and work in the UK in 1995. During her education in Mexico, she gained several degrees in Interior and Industrial Design and work experience in major firms such as Frito Lay Inc.  After arriving in 1995 she made her home in Glasgow, Scotland. Ana Maria has always had a restless thirst for learning and furthering her skills. This prompted her to study Fashion Design and Millinery i.e. hat and headdress making at Glasgow School of Art. In this field, she found her passion which has led to her successful career as one of the premier names in Millinery Couture within the UK market.

Ana Maria has received awards such as Winner of the Trades House Designer in 2001. Merit in 2002, and as Best New Designer of the Year, she was selected to design and create the hat for Lady Provost Liz Cameron. To wear on her first procession as provost of Glasgow. Lady Provost is a great supporter of Ana Maria’s work in Glasgow, and she officially opened Ana Maria's hat shop when she started her business in 2003.

Since founding the hat shop, Ana Maria has gone from strength to strength driven by her immense passion for luxury headdress design and millinery.  She has gained great admiration and respect in the millinery industry for her unique designs, talent and quality customer service.  Her company also received a special award of a Coat of Arms from The Guild of Master Craftsmen in October 2017, for the quality of her products and customer service.

Working predominately in the wedding industry Ana Maria has designed hats for several fashion houses such as By Storm, but it is the bespoke designs for her private clientele that she is most proud of. Concentrating all her efforts in making sure that all of her customers will receive a personal and unique design service.

Her beautiful creations have been worn by high profile customers both national and international. Other customers have been attendees at the William and Kate Royal Wedding, Royal Ascot, Royal Garden Parties and many, many weddings and functions throughout the UK and Ireland. 

After many years in millinery design and the wedding industry, Ana Maria has developed a selective eye for fashion, style, colour and overall balance. It has made her understand the importance of every detail when it comes to perfecting an outfit.

Ana Maria Ortega – Millinery Couturier – ‘When only perfection is acceptable’


Meet the rest of our team


Kialy - Assistant Designer

Kialy started at Ultimate Design Hats in early 2017 and has been assisting Ana Maria in the production of hats ever since. She is a ray of sunshine in the studio and loves a good pun.

Her background in fashion combined with her current studies in textile fashion at Glasgow School of art makes her a fantastic assistant designer with elegant results. Throughout her experience with Ana Maria she has studied various techniques and designs that have helped her cultivate a unique style.

When our designer asked Kilay if she could give her a pun for the “About” page on the website. She politely replied;

“Just give me pun second”


Cathleen - Graphic Designer

Cathleen joined Ultimate Design Hats in mid 2018. Besides managing all the creative and social content for UDH she is a happy and energetic part of the team who loves a challenge.

Her background in product and graphic design makes her a creative and functional designer with a great eye for detail. Alongside her work with UDH she also runs her own creative agency of graphic design, illustration and ceramics.

Cathleen is a viking coming all the way from Sweden and will happily show you how to braid your hair, how to sword fight or how to cook better meatballs than IKEA!